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The Team

All the elements of the AFSIS program had been initiated by the spring of 1950. During the following five years there was development, as returnees took an increasingly active part abroad, and there was tremendous growth. But there was no essential change in the aims or operation of the program. Mr. Galatti had organized his office into three chief divisions: George H. Edgell in charge of the selection and placement of students coming to the United States as well as of many details like baggage and insurance; Sachiye Mizuki arranging the bus trips and the selection of the Summer Program candidates as well as bringing out Our Little World (which came to rotate the editorship from country to country); and Dorothy Field looking after hospitality, correspondence with students in the United States and returned to their homes, and student welfare in general. The devotion, wisdom and tact of these three were an invaluable contribution to the success of AFSIS.

George Rock, History of the American Field Service, 1920-1955. New York: Platen Press. 1956.

"Stephen Galatti then worked downtown at a brokerage firm, and came up at about 3 p.m. Dot Field had been here since the war, when she volunteered, and George Edgell, who'd been here since about '48, and Sachiye since about '48.

"Now Sachiye did give all, she really did. And was extraordinary in her efficiency and honesty---I have great admiration for her. But the ones I personally was closest to were Dot, who is one of the great people, and George Edgell, a remarkable person. It seemed almost a magic combination of elements.

"To me, this was an extraordinary combination---Stephen Galatti, Dot Field, and George Edgell, who had remarkable intellectual power. Sachiye was invaluable, also, as the person who saw that the wheels went round. George, who was fascinated, for instance, with languages, would dive in and find out all about the school systems in Nigeria or whatever, and get it down on paper and get it right."

Blaikie Forsyth, quoted in W.P. Orrick, The First Thirty Years, AFS International Scholarships, 1947-1976, New York: AFS, 1991.


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