1931 Directory of American Field Service Association Members.

AFS Bulletin No. 2, July 1920:

An End and a Beginning

This is the last Bulletin to be published under the auspice of the old Field Service. The old wartime organization has survived long enough to complete its records, to supervise the compilation of its history now in the press, to arrange for a permanent association of its veterans and to provide a plan and framework for the future activity of its members as well as an enduring memorial to the dead. As 21 rue Raynouard closed a year or more ago, so the Boston headquarters will close at the end of this summer. The work of the Field Service in the future will be carried on by its two offsprings, the A. F. S. Fellowships for French Universities, and the A. F. S. Association.

It is to the latter organization that the publication of future numbers of the Bulletin will be intrusted. So---ave et vale.

A. P. A.

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