AFS Winter Program, 1965-1966

Bus 23

In 1965-66, on our way back , the AFS students from Nebraska and Iowa made a bus-trip of three weeks to Washingtion DC. During this period we grew into one big worldwide family (34 students of over twenty nationalities) and promised each other that this friendship would last a lifetime. It did for a while, we made a bus newspaper after we were all home, had a few reunions, but.....studies, careers, finding partners and founding families kept us all busy. It was very quiet for a while.

But then in 1996 our bus 23 started a turbulent second life after eight members met in Bilbao at the home of Begona Aurrecochea. Since then a reunion is scheduled once every two and a half years. Somewhere on the planet a bus member organizes a program, alternating in the southern and northern hemispheres: Netherlands 1998, Brazil 1999, Scandinavia 2001 (a trip organized by one Swedish lady and two Norwegian bus members) , the Philipines 2004 and recently Istanbul July 2006. Bus 23 involves partners and children of the original bus-members and the first grandchildren have been included. Members try to meet outside the big reunions as often as they can, when the occasion arises, the so-called mini-reunions. Forty years after our AFS experience we still walk together and certainly TALK together.

The original bus banner is always handed over to the committee in charge of the next bus reunion. Here Olav Brunborg (on behalf of Lauritz Godoy and Signbritt Galnander) leaves the banner with Natalia Morales (and Yoshi Deguchi) for the reunion to be organised in Asia (Philippines) in 2004. From left to right: Yoshi, Olav, Sigbritt, Lauritz and Natalia)

From left to right: Hans (Netherlands bus 13); Begona (Spain bus 23); Marrit (my daughter 13); standing in middle Natalia (Philippines 23), behind his arm Faruk (Turkey 13); Jaap. These photographs were taken by Wolfgang Schmidt of Germany.

Members of Bus 23 (1966)
Stockholm 2001

Bus 13 in Stockholm in 2001
(We have named partners and children of Bus 23, Bus 13)

Children of Bus 23 members in Stockholm in 2001

Bus 23 reunion, Stockholm 2001

Wolfgang from Germany brings his daughter Inga

Luiz from Brazil brings his daughter Luise

Lauritz (Norway) and his daughter Jenny on a Bus 23 boatrip in Geiranger Fjord

On our way through Scandinavia

Welcome to the home of Lauritz and Agnete Godoy in Norway!

A bus trip can be very tiring, so this is Olav's (Norway) garden after our arrival

Arrival in Scandinavia:
A big hug between "Belgium and Japan"

Goenna from Germany brings her daughter Gesa, having just met Anky (left) and her daughter Marritt (right)

Sigbritt gives us a welcome toast in Scandinavia 2001. From left to right: Sigbritt, Gesa, Goenna, Juanjo and Begona (Spain)